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SPIDER-VERSE is a comic that I had highly recommended to me but while I've enjoyed things like Brand New Day, Spider-Island, and Spider-Gwen, I have to say this has proven to be a miss for me. Part of it is how mean-spirited the whole thing is. I read SPIDER-MAN: THE OTHER where Morlun was introduced as "A vampire with the strength of Thor."

It was an ugly comic that ended with Spider-Man having to break his no killing rule in spirit if not legality. Oh and it had the villain eat his eye. Eck. I didn't think much of Morlun then and I don't think much of him now as he's now part of a vampire of cannibal Spider-Man-eating vampires that cross the multiverse killing all incarnations of Peter Parker.

This actually violates the continuity of the original comic as not only is Morlun's backstory completely unhinted at in the original work but he hunted multiple types of animal-themed superheroes and supervillains. He's the kind of guy who would enjoy eating the Rhino every bit as much as he would Peter. They don't even hint at this and it's suddenly now only people who are affected by the "Spider-Totem."

Anyway, the plot of the book is paper-thin with the Superior Spider-Man (Otto Octavius) gathering up Spider-Men from across the Multiverse in order to fight the Inheritors (Morlun's family). There's Spider-Gwen, Mayday Parker, Jessica Drew, Miles Morales, and a bunch of other variants who mainly exist to be horribly murdered. Eventually, after a long slog, they manage to deal with the Inheritors.That's the plot and there's not many twists involved.

There's just an ugly edge to the whole thing with scenes including Morlun murdering the Hostess Fruit Pie mascot Spider-Man, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (web you, writers), and the retired father of Spider-Girl. There's some serious wrong-headed thinking about a comic book that mines the depths of Marvel continuity to bring back beloved childhood characters as well as create new awesome Peter Parker variants only to murder them horribly by a bunch of C-List invincible jackasses.

There's not much plot here even with the side-stories and the best of them stars Jessica Drew as a pirate queen (but also has a variant of her as Morlun's sex slave--ick). I love Spider-Man 2099, Spider Man Noir, and a bunch of other stars of this book. I was afraid they'd kill them all for cheap shock value, though, and some of the deaths flat out made me angry. I feel the way about Spider-Verse a great deal like many Avengers Academy fans feel about Arena.

So why 2 stars? Because it gave us Into The Spider-Verse (which is pure awesome) and Spider-Gwen (ditto). The art is beautiful in this with spectacular visions of things like the future of the Marvel universe, Steampunk Marvel Comics, and the weird reality of Loomworld. This is sadly nothing like the movie as while that was a celebration of Spider-Man in all of his incarnations, this feels more like a hit list. Let the reader beware.

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