The Saint of Liars (The Lucky Devil Series 2#) by Megan Mackie Book Review

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THE SAINT OF LIARS is the sequel to THE FINDER AT THE LUCKY DEVIL and the second volume of the LUCKY DEVIL series. The Lucky Devil series is an excellent find and one of the most interesting new books to come out of the indie urban fantasy market in years. I say that as an indie urban fantasy author myself (Red Room, The Bright Falls Mysteries). It takes place in a Shadowrun-esque setting where corporations rule and magic is abundant.

Our heroine is the former teenage year old trophy wife of a genius computer programmer. Abused and tortured by his corporation when he embezzled from them, she was rescued by her aunt and reinvented herself as Rune Leveau. Rune runs a bar for supernaturals and is capable of finding anything if you give her enough time (its her power) but now someone wants to find her ex-husband. This will cause her to get in trouble with Fairy Queens, Magic Guild archmages, and one of the megacorporations which rules the world.

The Lucky Devil books remind me a bit of Patricia Briggs' Mercedes Thompson series as they nicely manage to balance romance, intrigue, and the fact our protagonist is a low-powered supernatural in a world of much stronger entities. I also strongly like Rune Leveau because she's a character who is at once vulnerable as well as strong. I believe her backstory and think it informs her character without dominating it.

Rune's interactions with the Mage's Guild, Titania, and Kodiak Corporation are all influenced by her close friendships as well as past relationship with her husband. Everyone wants the Masterson Files and whoever controls them will have a huge boon to their attempts to take over the city of Chicago. The files are nothing but a source of bad memories for Rune and yet her best leverage to protect herself.

We get some new and interesting characters in this volume, including Rune's cousin Elias. I'm not sure if he's actually related to Rune since he acts more like a spurned boyfriend than a relative and is distinctly jealous of Rune's love interest Saint Benedict. He does add an interesting new dynamic to the characters, though, and serves as a valuable ally against the now-hostile Mage's Guild.

I'm especially interested in the Kodiak Corporation, which is an organization that apparently provides security for all of the megacorporations but possesses an agenda of their own. I'm always glad to have protagonists working for and against the megacorps in cyberpunk fiction. Saint Benedict wouldn't be nearly as interesting if he wasn't working for The Man as much as he was our heroine.

This volume sets up a lot of plot threads which are unresolved by this book's end, clearly laying the groundwork for future installments of the series. A lot of focus was on the exploitation of the Fair Folk and their role as second class citizens in this world. I didn't get everything about how virtual reality works in this world but there was some interesting Matrix-esque plots here as well.

I have no complaints about the book except for the fact there's a obstacle to the Rune and Saint Benedict romance raised at the end that I didn't think worked very well. It's the one flaw in the book that I otherwise loved.

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