Caped: The Omega Superhero by Darius Brasher Book Review

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CAPED by Darius Brasher is the first volume of THE OMEGA SUPERHERO series. As anyone who knows me could say, I'm a huge fan of superhero fiction. I'm not only a big fan of CONFESSIONS OF A D-LIST SUPERVILLAIN by Jim Bernheimer, BROKEN NIGHTS by Matthew Davenportm and PLEASE DON'T TELL MY PARENTS I'M A SUPERVILLAIN by Richard Roberts but I'm also the author of THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA. So I have a pretty exacting set of standards towards my superhero fiction. So, how is Caped? It's pretty damned good.

The premise is 17 year old Theodore Conley discovering he is an Omega, one of the most powerful superhumans in the world, in a world which is full of them. Unfortunately, this makes him an immediate target and he finds himself unwillingly enrolled in superhero boot camp. Theodore only wants to get revenge on the supervillain, Iceburn, who attacked his family and is only getting trained enough in his abilities to hunt the man down.

It's a fairly standard superhero plot but the difference is in the execution. Darius Brasher does an amazing job in making sure we sympathize with Theodore from beginning to end as well as experience, first hand, the ups and downs of Camp Hero. Some sections reminded me of Starship Troopers in their intensity and I wouldn't be surprised to find out they were inspired by it or actual real life military training. Certainly, sexy costumes aside, it feels like an authentic boot camp for superheroes.

The book is fairly good about making its superhero world feel almost plausible. There's licenses, training, regulations, and various restrictions on the way superhumans are expected to live. Theodore isn't encouraged to go to Camp Hero because he will have a better life there but because it would be extremely complicated for a superhuman of his power level to be allowed to walk free, potentially endangering the entire planet. The fact one of the other Omegas is in a medically induced coma due to her powers manifesting while she was a child.

The supporting cast is pretty good for the book with fellow students, Myth and Smoke, being entertaining yet believable teenagers. Myth can become any mythological monster while Smoke can become smoke (shocking I know). They play off well in a Ron and Hermione sort of way that helps deepen Theo's character. I also enjoyed Captain Amazing and Athena as mentor figures for Theodore. They were all put through the same hell he's experiencing so they're a bit too similar but understand his position even as they subject him to judicious amounts of tough love. I really liked Robbie's very Catholic father and was very sad to see he didn't play a bigger role in the story.

The one weakness of the book is the villain Iceburn, who is a bit one-dimensional in his pure evil. Professional killers, superhero or not, aren't the nicest sorts of people but Iceburn is a little too over-the-top. His psychosis also makes it a bit questionable whether Robbie should feel guilty about his plans to kill him or not and the fate which he suffers renders the ethical questions moot.

In conclusion, this is a really fun book and I think fans of superhero novels will absolutely love it. Theodore is a great protagonist and while the boot camp part of the book isn't the best, I think it more than makes up with all the other parts. I've also read the rest of the series and it's a great collection of superhero stories which balance world-building and pocket-sized adventure. This is good afternoon reading and I burned through the entire series in a single week then moved onto the spin-off SUPERHERO DETECTIVE series.

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