COVER REVEAL - Incursion (The Necromancer's Key #1) by Mitchell Hogan

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Hello everyone, and welcome to! Today we are lucky enough to reveal the cover of Incursion, first book in The Necromancer's Key series, by Mitchell Hogan, one of my favorite authors. Mitchell Hogan is the author of the Sorcery Ascedant Sequence, The Infernal Guardian duology, and Revenant Winds, an excellent standalone novel. He also recently joined the Jaberwocky Agency, and he is now repped by Joshua Bilmes, the agent of Brandon Sanderson, Myke Cole, Michael J. Sullivan & Peter V. Brett! Incursion will be self-published as a paperback, but the audiorights have been directly acquired by Audible. Here's what Mitchell himself has to say!

"The Necromancer's Key series was born from three ideas -- two story related concepts I thought were so intriguing they needed to be combined (which I won't spoil!), and one related to continuing to make a living as a writer. So I decided to write another series (3+ books), and got to work on book one. I finished a daft with multiple revisions in February 2018, and thought "this is pretty good" -- which was a welcome change from my usual "this is shit what am I doing?"!

And here's where things get complicated... I entered discussions regarding representation with Joshua Bilmes at JABberwocky Literary Agency, and I pitched my new series to Audible myself. At around the same time in late 2018, Joshua Bilmes offered representation, AND Audible made an offer for the new series.

What followed was 12+ months of revisions with Joshua's feedback, with me delaying Audible as best I could. To their credit, Audible have been very patient, but in the end I had to begin delivering recordable manuscripts so they could start their production process. And here it became even more complicated, but rather than bore you with details I'll just say that there's a possibility I'll now also be giving Audible two books in another series.

So right now, my plan is to deliver four to six books to Audible this year, and self publish print and ebook formats. INCURSION, book one of The Necromancer's Key, should be released in June 2020. The rest of the books will be released regularly, probably every three or so months after that. It has been hard work, and a long process which is still ongoing, but I believe it will be worth the pain. And I hope readers enjoy INCURSION, and The Necromancer's Key series!"

A corrupted power stirs from beyond the grave.

A sacred order of knights sworn to protect the world from evil.

The Necromancer Queen will rise again.

Seventeen years have passed since the Necromancer Queen Talia was overthrown and slain, and her capital city destroyed by the Knights of the Order of Eternal Vigilance. Anskar DeVantte, raised in the sacred disciplines of the Order, is now ready to face the brutal initiation trials to become a consecrated knight-sorcerer. But the further Anskar rises in the ranks the more his faith wavers, and he is beset by harrowing dreams and uncertainty. As troubling powers awaken within him, a schism grows between Anskar and his hallowed Order, and he draws the hungry gaze of the vanquished queen’s fanatical followers. As Anskar pieces together the mysteries of his early life, and begins to understand the malevolent forces gathering in his path, he finds himself with a crucial choice to make: Remain loyal to the Order’s righteous mission, or control the dark powers growing within him.

Either way, his destiny is steeped in war. The only question is, which side will he be on?



When he was eleven, Mitchell Hogan was given the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to read, and a love of fantasy novels was born. He spent the next ten years reading, rolling dice, and playing computer games, with some school and university thrown in. Along the way he accumulated numerous bookcases' worth of fantasy and sci-fi novels and doesn’t look to stop anytime soon. His first attempt at writing fantasy was an abysmal failure and abandoned after only one page. But ideas for characters and scenes continued to come to him and he kept detailed notes of his thoughts, on the off chance that one day he might have time to write a novel. For a decade he put off his dream of writing until he couldn’t stand it anymore. He knew he would regret not having tried to write the novel percolating inside his head for the rest of his life. Mitchell quit his job and lived off dwindling savings, and the support of his fiancé, until he finished the first draft of A Crucible of Souls.  He now writes full time and is eternally grateful to the readers who took a chance on an unknown author.

A Crucible of Souls won the 2013 Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

Mitchell lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, Angela, and daughters, Isabelle and Charlotte.

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