Ojo is a book lover (obviously) and a lover of all things artistic. That includes paintings, drawings, music, drama...that sort of thing. He's also a football (soccer) fanatic. When he's not reading, he can be found discussing a variety of of topics with people-from women to economics... He's an all-rounder. 

Ojo also loves partying! 

Sword of the North (Grim Company #2) 24, Aug

I heartily congratulate myself on the completion of this particular book, as it took me an awfully long time to read.

Black Cross (Black Powder Wars #1) 12, Aug

I'm surprised this book doesn't have higher ratings and isn't more popular than it is. It's a really great book. 

Soul of the Fire (Sword of Truth #5) 08, Aug

Terry Goodkind does not fail to impress with this instalment of the Sword of Truth series.