Sue is British, living in Massachussetts since 2003. A Mum of two teens, she enjoys fantasy, SciFi, dystopian, thrillers, occasional historical fiction in both YA and adult genres. She wrote her grandad's life story during 2020 and has a couple of ideas for other books. You can find my reviews by Sue at

The Delve by Dan Fitzgerald - Book Review 19, Jan

The Delve is a fast-paced fantasy standalone story set within a brightstone mine full of dark labyrinthine tunnels and shafts. The mine has recently lost power thanks to a group of three humans, a thief, a mage, and a warrior who are still at large within the mine and have killed many of the resident Timon, a dwarf-like species. Three Maer (a race of humanoid beings with skin covered in hair who have featured in Fitzgerald’s previous book series) have been sent to investigate why the power has gone from the mine, since the Maer rely on power from the brightstone it produces, and war with the humans is brewing. These Maer are on a Delve - a quest undertaken by a newly knighted Maer of noble birth in which he must make five kills to prove his worth. Yglind is this knight and is accompanied by his lover and squire, Ardo, and a female mage named Aene. I found Yglind to be too arrogant and domineering for my liking. He was probably my least favourite character, even though his personality did develop somewhat and he became more likeable by the end of the book.

A Shade of Madness (The Ashes of Avarin #2) by Thiago Abdalla - Book Review 17, Jan

A Shade of Madness is the unrelenting pressure cooker of a sequel to A Touch of Light. The Madness is spreading further throughout Avarin and we discover more about its origins.

The Pact, Black Hind's Wake #2 by J. E. Hannaford - Book Review 04, Jan

In The Pact, which is the sequel to The Skin, we find ourselves back on The Black Hind with Georgie the selkie, Zora the sea witch, Theo and Rialta, who are also not quite exactly as they seem at first glance.