Sue is British, living in Massachussetts since 2003. A Mum of two teens, she enjoys fantasy, SciFi, dystopian, thrillers, occasional historical fiction in both YA and adult genres. She wrote her grandad's life story during 2020 and has a couple of ideas for other books. You can find my reviews by Sue at

NACL: Eye of the Storm by Allegra Pescatore & E. Sands - Book Review 19, Jul

NACL - Eye of the Storm is difficult to precisely pinpoint - is it a character-driven futuristic fantasy or a SciFi adventure. The superpowers of the main characters are sometimes referred to as their magic, yet it takes place on the planet Fortune with futuristic science and technology to hand:

“Now that Vera could feel the other woman’s magic, she realized just how much larger the dual-Marked woman’s well of power was compared to her own. That avalanche of awakened magic pushed against Vera’s every knot and weave, but the pulse of their blood flowing into each other’s veins made the fight ultimately unwinnable.”

Traitors Unseen (Inquisitors' Guild #3) by Dave Dobson - Book Review 29, Jun

A prequel novella to Flames over Frosthelm, set about ten years before that novel, Traitors Unseen tells of events which happened when Emerra Denault was still just a Provisional Inspector in the Inquisitors' Guild in Frosthelm.

Magicians’ Rivalry (Spellsmith & Carver #1)  by H. L. Burke - Book Review 06, Jun

I really enjoyed this short young adult fantasy, the first in a series starring magicians Auric Spellsmith and Jericho Carver.

Auric returns home from training as a magician in the capital city to find his father, Hedward Spellsmith, the town’s magician has taken on a magical apprentice named Jericho Carver. Jealous despite it being his decision to leave 5 years before, there follows a bitter rivalry with both Auric and Jericho determined to get rid of the other. To make matters worse, Auric’s sister, Rill now 17, appears somewhat infatuated with ‘Jerry’, who has been teaching her magic, enhancing her natural aptitude. Auric is jealous of this and Jericho’s easy relationship with his father. He had planned to teach his sister magic and to return home to work with his father - both things which he is no longer needed for. Jericho fears his position will no longer exist since the natural heir and apprentice has now returned home. Their sarcastic banter and rivalry was well-written and fun to read.