Sue is British, living in Massachussetts since 2003. A Mum of two teens, she enjoys fantasy, SciFi, dystopian, thrillers, occasional historical fiction in both YA and adult genres. She wrote her grandad's life story during 2020 and has a couple of ideas for other books. You can find my reviews by Sue at

Slaughtered Gods (The Hanged God Trilogy #3) by Thilde Kold Holdt - Book Review 09, Oct

Slaughtered Gods is the satisfying conclusion to The Hanged God trilogy. Full of gods, monsters, Norse mythology, bravery, strong characters, a bloodthirsty battle to end all others and so much heart, this has been one of my favourite series of recent years. 

The Skin (Black Hind's Wake, #1) by J. E. Hannaford 14, Aug

The author of The Skin clearly loves nature - particularly ocean creatures and the plight of those captured by humans and placed in zoos/aquariums. Through her debut novel she delivers a love letter to non-human life and also a warning about what our future could be if we don’t pay more attention to marine ecology and the environment as a whole. 

Epilogues for Lost Gods (Unwritten Runes #2) by Cat Rector - Book Review 07, Aug

I was lucky enough to help beta read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it both then and now, reading a digital arc. 

Epilogues for Lost Gods is the sequel to The Goddess of Nothing At All which has easily become one of my favourite books. It takes place after Ragnarok, with the realms in tatters and most of the gods and goddesses now dead and imprisoned in Helheim. Loki and his son Narvi are among them and both are suffering from severe PTSD after their violent deaths. Sigyn and Váli are among the survivors of Ragnarok. Váli is still in the wolf form Odin forced upon him during the previous book and Sigyn has taken it upon herself to build a new city where inclusivity is the byword.