Sue is British, living in Massachussetts since 2003. A Mum of two teens, she enjoys fantasy, SciFi, dystopian, thrillers, occasional historical fiction in both YA and adult genres. She wrote her grandad's life story during 2020 and has a couple of ideas for other books. You can find my reviews by Sue at

The Monsters We Feed by Thomas Howard Riley - Book Review 28, Nov

The Monsters We Feed is a standalone novel from within the same universe as Riley’s debut, We Break Immortals. It is unnecessary to read WBI first. The world of this story is self-contained and yet there are hints to the fact that a wider world exists outside the boundaries of this story.

The Children of Chaos (The Cruel Gods #2) by Trudie Skies - Book Review 22, Nov

The Children of Chaos is a worthy sequel to the brilliant The Thirteenth Hour, filled with fantastical world-building, cruel, ruthless gods and fabulously layered characters and relationships - this is a wonderfully rich and in places tragic story. The characters are tortured by their gods and the gods are scared of the mortals of Chaos and threatened by the possibility of the god of Chaos, Corentine being set free from the Clocktower in which she was imprisoned many years ago by Dor the god of the Diviner. Quen and Kayl must work together against the clock to bring together the gods of the other domains and persuade them to cooperate in such a way that Corentine could be set free without any repercussions for the other domains.

The Hero Interviews by Andi Ewington - Book Review 13, Nov

The Hero Interviews is undoubtedly a treat for all players of Dungeons and Dragons and other similar table top role playing games (TTRPGs) but it is not necessary to be a game player in order to enjoy it.