Jordan Loyal Short is an author of epic fantasy, an inveterate nerd, and a small business owner. He has worked in a variety of industries, as a waiter, bartender, copywriter and more. These days, Jordan lives in Washington state with his wife where he is currently daydreaming about the end of the world. Books by Jordan Loyal Short: The Skald's Black Verse The Weeping Sigil Travels in the Dark

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The Shadow of the Gods (Bloodsworn Saga #1) by John Gwynne - Book Review 14, Jan

Shadow of the Gods is an all caps EPIC. This Norse inspired story is full of high stakes, brutal fighting, and intriguing characters. I zipped through this slightly chonky novel at a gallop. It has cool monsters, a dash of magic, and some mythic backstory ripped straight from the sagas and twisted into something new.

Burn Red Skies by Kerstin Espinosa Rosero - Book Review 06, Jan

Burn Red Skies follows a host of characters on an adventure that spans a realm teeming with political intrigue and elemental magic. I enjoyed the worldbuilding and in general the characters, but there were a few issues that kept me from complete immersion in the story. Despite these issues, Burn Red Skies is an epic fantasy whose pages are filled with war, secrets, and ultimately dragons—the sort of story which will appeal to many readers.

An Altar on the Village Green (The Chained God, #1) by Nathan Hall - Book Review 29, Oct

An Altar on the Village Green is a fantastic tale of madness and horror. Nathan Hall weaves a story that ebbs and flows with a unique atemporal logic. This, more than anything else, sets it apart from your run of the mill fantasy novel. At its core, The Chained God is a series that is more ambition in its conception that most other fantasy novels.