Jordan Loyal Short is an author of epic fantasy, an inveterate nerd, and a small business owner. He has worked in a variety of industries, as a waiter, bartender, copywriter and more. These days, Jordan lives in Washington state with his wife where he is currently daydreaming about the end of the world. Books by Jordan Loyal Short: The Skald's Black Verse The Weeping Sigil Travels in the Dark

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Norylska Groans by Michael R. Fletcher, Clayton W. Snyder - Book Review 08, Oct

Norylska Groans is a stylish fantasy thriller with a pitch perfect noir aesthetic. In a setting with post-revolutionary Russian themes, the brutal reality of a city on the edge of the tundra shoves two inhabitants of Norylska into a deadly power struggle. 

Kingdoms at War (Dragon Gate #1) by Lindsay Buroker - Book Review 16, Sep

Dragon’s Gate: Kingdoms at War is an underdog story through-and-through. Jak and Jadora are mother and son archaeologists unearthing an ancient artifact when the oppressive forces of their wizard rulers swoop in and not only take the artifact, but kidnap them.

The Shadows of Dust by Alec Hutson - Book Review 13, Sep

The Shadows of Dust is a sweeping fantasy space opera. It was an adventure that I absolutely loved. What a wonderful setting this novel had! Big Star Wars meets Dungeons & Dragons vibes here, a unique blend of science fiction and fantasy that I think is vastly under-represented in speculative fiction today. I gave it top marks on that alone, but there was even more to love in this novel.