Natasha's passion for reading was kindled by her parents and the local library that allowed her family to checkout 50 books at a time. She first fell in love with fantasy through Arthurian retellings whereas her love for science fiction began with Star Wars novels. Nowadays, she still spends her free time reading but also gaming, running a blog (natrosette), and obsessing over TV shows. Maybe if she spent as much time reading as she does looking for books to read, she'd actually make a dent in her TBR.

The Delving (Overthrown - The Chronicles of Denoril #1) by Aaron Bunce - SPFBO 2020 Book Review 04, Oct

Thorben Paulson is an ordinary man who has put his past behind him to provide for his family and raise his children well. But when the tax collectors come and demand most of his family’s earnings and food, leaving his children to go hungry, he grows desperate enough to accept a job from his old friend. A job that requires him to once again ignore the Council’s order and delve into the underground crypts of the ancient dalan in search of priceless relics.

Star Compass (Victoria Eternal #1) by Anthea Sharp - SPFBO 2020 Book Review 03, Oct

Diana Smythe was born into the nobility, but after a tragic accident she ends up living as a streetrat named Diver. Her exceptional ability to calculate mathematical trajectories gives her an advantage as a pickpocket, but it will never be enough for her to achieve her dreams of escaping Earth. Or so she thinks, until things take an unlikely turn when she helps to avert a terrible disaster at the Spaceport.

Dragon Mage by Tameri Etherton - SPFBO 2020 Book Review 03, Oct

A long time ago, Amaleigh’s family was murdered by a magic-hating king. As the only one who escaped, she grew up on the streets but forged an unlikely friendship with Prince Gwilym. That is, until his father found out she was still alive and forced her on the run. Ever since, she’s been jumping between worlds, unable to find a place she truly belongs and having difficulty accessing her magic. Until one day she receives a telepathic cry for help from Gwilym and, despite all of her better instincts, realizes she has to return to help him.