Natasha's passion for reading was kindled by her parents and the local library that allowed her family to checkout 50 books at a time. She first fell in love with fantasy through Arthurian retellings whereas her love for science fiction began with Star Wars novels. Nowadays, she still spends her free time reading but also gaming, running a blog (natrosette), and obsessing over TV shows. Maybe if she spent as much time reading as she does looking for books to read, she'd actually make a dent in her TBR.

Last Memoria (Memoria Duology #1) by Rachel Emma Shaw - Book Review 05, May

Last Memoria by Rachel Emma Shaw is a remarkable and tragic story of blurred moral lines and characters who have been hated and abused, who want to be better if only the world would let them. It displays the self-perpetuating nature of hatred and deceit and the wreckage they leave behind as well as the critical role that our memories play in our identity.

Project Tau (Projects #1) by Jude Austin - Book Review 29, Apr

Kalin Taylor is an ordinary college student who just wants to make his way up from the bottom of the totem pole. In an attempt to be initiated into a frat house, he enters the grounds of the top-secret, actually-not-so-secret GenTech facility that holds and trains the human clone Project Tau. Cloning humans is possible but still difficult in this world, and such clones are worth a lot of money because they don’t have the same rights that a natural-born human does and so can be used as workers or soldiers doing things that humans don’t want to do. The clones are also often modified with claws or special strength and speed so they can do things that humans aren’t able to do.

Opaque (Scion Saga #1) by Cālix Leigh-Reign - Book Review 29, Apr

Adam despises everything in his life: his school, his peers, his father. There’s only one good thing in his life that brings him joy, and that’s his mom. In fact, he loves his mom too much — so much that it’s the reason he hates his dad. There’s only one time he’s been interested in any girl aside from his mom, and that ended horribly. But then a new girl, Carly, arrives at his school. He’s instantly infatuated with her, and he hates himself for it.