Natasha's passion for reading was kindled by her parents and the local library that allowed her family to checkout 50 books at a time. She first fell in love with fantasy through Arthurian retellings whereas her love for science fiction began with Star Wars novels. Nowadays, she still spends her free time reading but also gaming, running a blog (natrosette), and obsessing over TV shows. Maybe if she spent as much time reading as she does looking for books to read, she'd actually make a dent in her TBR.

The Obsidian Tower (Rooks and Ruin #1) by Melissa Caruso 03, Jun

I’m a big fan of stories in which the protagonist, for one reason or another, is at a disadvantage because they lack something everyone else has (a magical ability, for example). I like to read about the underdog, I suppose. This is what first caught my attention about The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso. Ryx, the main character, is the member of a powerful mage family, but her power is flawed such that she kills anything she touches. This also reminded me of Rogue from the X-Men whose character development I was always a little disappointed in because I liked the premise of her power/curse so much. So I was hoping to get a second chance at enjoying such a character when I picked up this book.

Star Wars: Queen's Peril by E.K. Johnston - Book Review 31, May

Padmé Amidala is young and ambitious, ascending to the throne as Queen of Naboo at the age of 14. Though the pacifist planet of Naboo seems entirely peaceful, General Panaka does not take his responsibility of protecting the Queen lightly. At Amidala’s suggestion, he finds her five handmaidens who support and protect the Queen, even serving as body doubles when necessary. These six teenagers must put aside their squabbles, families, and personal desires to rule a planet and administrate its foreign relations. What they prepared for but never expected comes to pass – Naboo is invaded and the Queen must protect her citizens at all costs, even as her handmaidens protect her.

Weird Dream Society edited by Julie C. Day - Book Review 24, May

A haunted desert, consciousness rotting away, statues that move after dark, woods that kidnap and devour, beings that can erase you from memory with only their touch – all of this and more is found in the 23 short stories of the Weird Dream Society anthology.