Natasha's passion for reading was kindled by her parents and the local library that allowed her family to checkout 50 books at a time. She first fell in love with fantasy through Arthurian retellings whereas her love for science fiction began with Star Wars novels. Nowadays, she still spends her free time reading but also gaming, running a blog (natrosette), and obsessing over TV shows. Maybe if she spent as much time reading as she does looking for books to read, she'd actually make a dent in her TBR.

Of Dragons, Feasts and Murders (Dominion of the Fallen #3.5) by Aliette de Bodard 16, Jul

Thuan brings his husband Asmodeus home for the Lunar New Year expecting some awkward family reunions and a great deal of feasting. Instead, to Asmodeus’ great interest and delight, they come across a murdered corpse. Thuan is significantly less enthusiastic about this development than his husband but agrees to be pulled into the murder investigation in order to protect his family against a coup.

The Chaos Circus by Renee Dugan - SPFBO 2020 Book Review 10, Jul

Tessa LaRoche doesn’t remember much from before her stay at a mental asylum, but she does know that she wants nothing more than to be normal. Unfortunately, it seems the world has other plans. In an unlikely turn of events, she finds herself chasing a murder suspect, Nicolai, into the Mirror Lands. Here they enter the citywide Chaos Circus where the Deathless feed off the ignorance of human tourists. In order to retrieve her most precious possession, she must attempt to beat the Deathless at their own games through winning five trials with Nicolai as her guide. Along the way, she uncovers her surprising past which helps her realize that being ordinary isn’t all it’s made out to be.

A Face without a Heart by Rick Reed - Book Review 08, Jun

Gary, raised by an aloof grandfather in a rich family, has never wanted for money or beauty, only for love. Liam, a photographer who creates holograms, sees Gary on the train one day and, astonished by his beauty, requests to make a hologram of him. Gary agrees and Liam creates a masterpiece which highlights both his artistic skill and his awe for the other man. Liam's best friend, the cynical drag queen Lady Henrietta, believes this awe to be only a passing fancy but quickly becomes Gary's best friend as well, encouraging him in some of the more hedonistic parts of life. After tragedy strikes, it becomes apparent to Gary that his hologram ages while he does not. At first this is a blessing, allowing Gary to partake in any number of pleasures without worry for the consequences. But as his friends age without him and his life continues with little purpose, he realizes that maybe beauty and decadence aren't all they're made out to be.