Max’s passion for fantastic stories began with weekly trips to the comic book store as a child. Now an English teacher at a boarding school, he is always reading. Max has written for sites like Geeks of Doom and SF Signal, where he created the Indie Author Spotlight. Max lives in Connecticut with his wife – who graciously embraces his need to display action figures all over the house – and daughter, who is inheriting her parents’ affinity for books. 

Short Complex by Chuck Brown - Book Review 26, Feb

Life can be hard. It can toss us through the gauntlet, time and time again, and continue to kick us on our way out. So why, then, is life worth living? In Short Complex, a short story collection by Eisner and Ringo award winning writer Chuck Brown, this is just one of the intriguing moral dilemmas that his protagonists face, and are forced to – for better or worse – respond to. 

The Majestic 311 by Keith C. Blackmore - Book Review 29, Jan

In my opinion, Keith C. Blackmore is one of the most underrated self-published authors around. The man can write in any genre, and can do so expertly with crisp, well-written prose and brilliant, relatable (though not always likable) characters; his books never cease to amaze with their creativity. The Majestic 311 is no different, as it’s his first weird western novel, and I’ll be damned if it isn’t one of the weirdest – and most thrilling – books I’ve ever read.