Max’s passion for fantastic stories began with weekly trips to the comic book store as a child. Now an English teacher at a boarding school, he is always reading. Max has written for sites like Geeks of Doom and SF Signal, where he created the Indie Author Spotlight. Max lives in Connecticut with his wife – who graciously embraces his need to display action figures all over the house – and daughter, who is inheriting her parents’ affinity for books. 

Well Fed (Mountain Man #4) by Keith C. Blackmore - Book Review 12, Nov

“Too bad a person couldn't pick whom they shared the apocalypse with.”

Hellifax (Mountain Man #3) by Keith C. Blackmore - Book Review 26, Oct

I’m always amazed when an author is able to successfully shift between genres, writing stories that may appeal to different readers, but doing so with ease. Keith C. Blackmore is one such author, writing in both the fantasy and horror genres. I discovered Blackmore’s works back in 2013 when I read the first installment of his ongoing zombie series, Mountain Man. I was enraptured by the crude, rum drinking hermit Gus and his eventual companion Scott as they did their absolute best to survive the apocalypse from zombies and people alike. For whatever reason, I took some time off from reading Blackmore’s books, but have recently been bingeing his stories, beginning with book three, Hellifax. As the name suggests, it’s a terrifying experience. 

Dragon Ball Z Box Set (Dragon Ball Z #1-26) by Akira Toriyama - Book Review 11, Oct

The English dubbed version of the Dragon Ball Z anime first aired in the United States in 1996 when I was in the 5th grade. The exhilaration I felt was almost overwhelming as I watched the hero Tien Shinhan battle it out with the powerful Saiyan, Nappa (yes, this being the first episode I’d seen, I thought Tien was the hero of the show). That pure excitement only enhanced as I told my friends about Dragon Ball Z, and the show would become our obsession for years to come. For whatever the reason may be, I never attempted the jump to the source material – the Japanese manga by Akira Toriyama – despite being an avid comic book reader; that is, until now. My wife recently bought me the complete Dragon Ball Z manga box set and as I quickly devoured the 26 volume series, waves of nostalgia overtook me.