Max’s passion for fantastic stories began with weekly trips to the comic book store as a child. Now an English teacher at a boarding school, he is always reading. Max has written for sites like Geeks of Doom and SF Signal, where he created the Indie Author Spotlight. Max lives in Connecticut with his wife – who graciously embraces his need to display action figures all over the house – and daughter, who is inheriting her parents’ affinity for books. 

Autumn: Dawn (The London Trilogy #1) by David Moody - Book Review 17, May

I first encountered David Moody’s writing through his The Final War series, a trilogy of books that I found to get better – and more brutal – as it progressed. I’ve been curious, however, about his Autumn series for a long while, though not really knowing too much about it other than it’s Moody’s take on the zombie genre. With the upcoming release of Autumn: Dawn, the first book in The London Trilogy – and a perfect jumping on point, I might add – I can safely say that nothing has changed other than Moody becoming even deadlier with a pen (or a keyboard – I’m not entirely sure what his writing process looks like). 

Minor spoilers below!

Last Road to the Backwoods by Matt Soffe and Michelle Soffe - Book Review 13, Apr

As noted in past reviews, I love finding and supporting novels on Kickstarter by indie authors, and I especially love when the novels turn out to be good. Not only is Last Road to the Backwoods by Matt Soffe and Michelle Soffe good, but three and a half months into 2021, it’s currently one of the best books I’ve read this year – in a genre that I’m familiar with, but don’t often dabble in: noir/horror. 

I had learned a couple of months ago that Michael R. Fletcher and Clayton W. Snyder would be releasing a novel together. I had no idea what the book would be about, but I immediately jumped at the chance to review it, as I had no doubt in my mind that it would be a uniquely maddening and wild experience. As most who’ve read the works of Fletcher and Snyder, I’ve grown accustomed to being genuinely awed, thrilled, and disturbed whenever delving into one of their books. And holy crap was I not disappointed with Norylska Groans!