Drew ascribes his love of stories to an aunt giving him a hard back edition of Dracula & Frankenstein for his 8th birthday. Since then he’s been an avid reader of books, short stories, and comics. He is a regular blogger at “The Scribblings” and is working on his own writing.

Saboteur (Agent G #2) by C.T. Phipps - Book Review 01, Feb

Having changed his allegiance to the United States government, Agent G has been tasked with locating the last remnants of his former employers, the International Refugee Society, and either eliminating or recruiting them. 

Last Heir of the North (Scions of the Black Lotus #5) by J.C. Kang - Book Review 30, Jan

Answers may soon be within Jie’s reach. The discovery that the Triad fixer Jie and her allies have captured holds Lilian’s memories could be the key to unraveling the entire plot to destabilize the Empire.

Infiltrator (Agent G #1) by C.T. Phipps - Book Review 11, Jan

G is a man without a past, and a slim chance at a future. Working as a highly trained assassin for the International Refugee Society, his only hope is to survive his 10 years of service and regain the memories of his life before.