Drew ascribes his love of stories to an aunt giving him a hard back edition of Dracula & Frankenstein for his 8th birthday. Since then he’s been an avid reader of books, short stories, and comics. He is a regular blogger at “The Scribblings” and is working on his own writing.

Beggar's Rebellion (Resonant Saga #1) by Levi Jacobs - Book Review 18, Feb

The Councilate seeks to control its territory by any means; legal, political or by force of arms. Its leaders believe in what they're doing but what does it mean for those under their dominion?

Kalanon's Rising (Agents of Kalanon #1) by Darian Smith - Book Review 09, Feb

When a relative of the King is found butchered in what looks like a magic ritual; war hero, physician and King’s Champion Sir Brannon is tasked with discovering the truth behind the murder and finding those responsible. 

The Blood-Tainted Winter (The Song of the Ash Tree #1) by T.L. Greylock - Book Review 31, Dec

When his father is killed at a meeting to select the new king, Raef Skallagrim swears vengeance. But as various factions begin to vie for power, he finds himself at the mercy of not only the other Lords but of the Gods themselves.