Drew ascribes his love of stories to an aunt giving him a hard back edition of Dracula & Frankenstein for his 8th birthday. Since then he’s been an avid reader of books, short stories, and comics. He is a regular blogger at “The Scribblings” and is working on his own writing.

Aliens: Bug Hunt by Jonathan Mayberry - Book Review 29, Sep

Tasked with securing the safety of human colonies, the Colonial Marines are sent into situations where they have to find and eliminate any alien threat. They call these kinds of missions a bug hunt. 

Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World #1) by Rebecca Roanhorse - Book Review 28, Aug

When Maggie Hoskie takes a job to find a missing girl and kill the creature that took her, she steps back into a world she has been trying to ignore; one of gods, monsters, and her own unresolved doubts.

Wretches of the Trench: A Legends of Tivara Story (Scions of the Black Lotus #3) by J.C. Kang - Book Review 17, Aug

As Jie and her compatriots continue their investigation, it leads them to the Trench, an unwelcoming territory controlled by Triads where a murderer stalks the streets.