Daryl Graves

Daryl Graves

Daryl is a 25 year old living in South Wales, UK. 

Outside of reading he enjoys ice hockey, live music and Gaming. Basically an all round nerd.

The Wolf (Under the Northern Sky #1) 28, Jul

3.5/5 Stars

The Wolf (Under the Northern Sky #1) follows two main characters, Roper who is The Black Lord of the Anakim in the north and Bellamus, the upstart from the south. The book gets off to a fiery start After Kynortas who is Ropers father, dies in battle making Roper the new Black Lord. From there on, plots, rivalries and battles start to happen almost instantaneously.

The Warrior with the Pierced Heart ( The Shadow of the Raven #2 ) By Chris Bishop 26, Jul

5/5 Stars

The Warrior With The Pierced Heart is the second book in the Shadow of The Raven series By Chris Bishop.
 I must admit, I went into this book with high expectations having really enjoyed the first book of the series. Well, Chris Bishop did not disappoint......again!