Daryl Graves

Daryl Graves

Daryl is a 25 year old living in South Wales, UK. 

Outside of reading he enjoys ice hockey, live music and Gaming. Basically an all round nerd.

Thurkill's Revenge (The Huscarl Chronicles Book 1) 07, Jan

4/5 Stars

Thurkill's Revenge is the first instalment in The Huscarls Chronicles and a promising start to an exciting new series. Following the young warrior, Thurkill, as he goes from boy to man. He will be tested to his limits in two battles only weeks apart.

Tales of Kingshold (Wildfire Cycle #1.5) 29, Nov

Tales of Kingshold is book 1.5 of the wildfire Cycle series, containing short stories, novelettes, letters and some notes on magic from the infamous wizard, Jyuth. This is my first time reading a collection of short stories so I wasn't really sure what to expect or how I would feel about it. So here's my thoughts on the book.

Siege 23, Nov

5/5 Stars

Siege is the follow up book to Blood Forest by Geraint Jones. We immediately dive into action when Felix and his comrades have been captured by the fearsome tribes of Germany. After finally escaping the enemy camp and reaching the Roman fort, their troubles finally seem to be over. Or do they?