Rob J. Hayes

Rob J. Hayes

Rob J. Hayes has been a student, a banker, a marine research assistant, a chef, and a keyboard monkey more times than he cares to count. But eventually his love of fantasy and reading drew him to the life of a writer. He’s the author of the Amazon Best Selling The Heresy Within, the piratical swashbuckler Where Loyalties Lie, and the steampunk heist caper It Takes a Thief to Catch a Sunrise.

Brutal 07, Nov

Brutal is a book that was possibly spawned when Mad Max, Conan, and the Wild West had a threesome.

The Dragon Orb 29, Oct

Dragon Orb is an adventurous book about friendship, that revels in as many YA tropes as it can find.

Continue Online Part One: Memories 18, Oct

This book... is an odd one. From the description it sounds like a pretty standard litRPG. Main character heads into virtual online game, adventures and personal growth ensue. But that's really not what this book is about at all. Continue Online is about trauma and one man's struggle to overcome the loss that has defined his life for years.