Hexed (The Iron Druid Chronicles, #2) by Kevin Hearne - Book Review

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The Iron Druid chronicles started as a fun series, a perfect read over the holiday season.

What to Expect

Picking up from the last novel, this novel sees Atticus and his gang square off against those who think him weakened after the last novel, particularly witches from the old world. Expect the same shenanigans, with quips and pop-references amidst the action.

What I liked

I loved the character of Atticus, proving that growing old and growing up are optional. He's a lighthearted rascal, and you can't but like him for it. His dog Oberon is the perfect companion, and has his priorities straights (sausages).

Add a fast-paced plot on the background of a very interesting world and magic-system (which we get to see more of in this novel), and you got all the ingredients of great entertainment.

What to be aware of

It's a quick, fun read -- entertaining rather than dark or thought-provoking (perfect for the beach, in other words).

Felix's Review

Felix appreciated Atticus' temperament, his flippant and irreverent attitude at times. He also thinks Oberon deserves more treats and belly rubs. The story is an adventure story, not Felix's preference of mystery, but that didn't stop him from enjoying it.


Highly recommended read for quick entertainment. I'm going to jump on the rest of the series.

Enjoying the reviews, but wondering who the heck is that Felix fellow? Glad you asked the protagonist of the Togas, Daggers, and Magic series, an historical-fantasy blend of a paranormal detective on the background of ancient Rome.

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