A Star-Reckoner's Lot (A Star-Reckoner's Legacy #1)

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SPFBO read #4 out of 5. 

Began as a Kickstarter project a couple of years ago and now has a wonderful new cover illustration by John Anthony Di Giovanni and typography/graphic design by Shawn King. I mean, just look at that gorgeous thing. Flashes of Sanderson and Jordan come to mind.

So, we are introduced to Ashtadukht, a star-reckoner who commands a unique type of magic based on constellations and planet alignments. She is one of mankind's best defenses against divs (false gods with disagreeable tendencies that promote chaos and disorder) but her reckoning doesn't always go as planned... to say the least. She is oft terrible at her "job" and risks her own life, as well as the lives of others, while trying to also keep them out of harm's way. She is on a journey to hunt down the div that killed her husband and sent her life into a downward spiral. On her journey, she is accompanied by her cousin, Tirdad. and an insane half-div named Waray. As they journey across a well documented, yet fictional, Sasanian Iran, they come across several obstacles that will challenge the need to continue, as well as the need to survive.

A Star-Reckoner's Lot is a very different book than what I am used to and has a unique premise to boot. I enjoyed the novel for what it is, but I did feel quite a few flaws. With the Kickstarter campaign being a success, I was expecting a very polished book, but that wasn't what was delivered (having said that, changes could have been made as this is a mobi. file). The story felt jumbled as there are month to several month-long gaps where the need to travel was erased and the characters just ended up where they were supposed to be. There is also lacking backstory to the characters and they aren't as fleshed out as you would expect from, what was supposed to be, a standalone novel. I want to know everything I can about a character if my investment is only around 300 pages (again, this may be expanded upon in Book #2). Last note: the novel tended to follow the same pattern with different foes: travel here, star-reckon, pass out, wake up somewhere new. Rinse, repeat. Having said that, each foe was completely different and shows off Drake's expansive imagination. 

Overall, there is a lot to like here but the flaws tended to overshadow my full enjoyment. But with a unique magic system, tons of interesting creatures, and a vast new land to explore, it is worth picking up and diving into.

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