The Stone Sky (The Broken Earth, #3)

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Rating: 5/5 Stars

Oh well gee, golly, gosh, let me just to review this masterpiece, no problem, easy peasy??? 

The further I get into a series, the harder it is for me to review each individual book because so much of my opinion relies on understanding everything that happened in the preceding books. More than usual, I find it so difficult to express what this series has made me feel. 

Just saying "it was amazing" or "it was mind-blowing" starts to feel repetitive & those common compliments don't really do the novel justice. That is 1000% the case with The Broken Earth trilogy. 

This series is so complex, so full of raw emotion, & so beautifully distinct from other books of this genre.

The writing here is some of the most engrossing I've ever read in my life. Jemisin is equal parts artist & scientist with her eloquent prose & meticulously organized plot points. 

I always say that I struggle to stay engaged with Hard Sci-Fi. I don't know if these books should be classified as Hard Sci-Fi, as they don't drone on & on in bouts of irrelevant tech speak, but they're similar in that there are so many facets to the science.

But where Hard Sci-Fi often strikes me as boring, this series had me solidly engaged. It seems almost as though it's morphed together a handful sub-genres under the SFF banner & created an umbrella all its own.

The scope of this story makes me feel so small; it is so full of detail & history that I feel as though I'm reading about events that have actually played out in some far away universe. 

Something I really appreciate in a series is reread value. I have no doubt The Broken Earth is a series that will have more to reveal upon each read through.

The wrap of to this series is devastating but also wonderfully appropriate & well-crafted. I believe with this concluding novel Jemisin has truly set herself apart, not just as an author, but also as a vital contributor to the direction in which Fantasy will evolve as time goes on. 

I can say no more than to read this series & take the journey for yourself, but I will caution you that you must have patience. Nothing is immediately clear, and this story takes its time revealing itself to you, but I promise it is more than worth it.

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