The Traitor Baru Cormorant (Baru Cormorant #1)

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Rating: 4/5

If you're a fan of political intrigue & fierce female characters, this is a book for you!

Baru Cormorant is an idealistic & intelligent woman, compelled from a young age to dominate the intricate games of power between reigning territories & save her precious island home & the unique culture that raised her.

It can be quite difficult to find such a lovely balance of politics, characterization, plot twists, and imagination, but I think Seth Dickinson's debut is a beautiful blend of all of the above. 

I have every intention of reading this again before The Monster Baru Cormorant releases in 2018 because there is just that much to take in. The book is rich with political workings playing out left, right, and center.

I would really recommend taking your time with this one so you have the proper opportunity to absorb all the details, get a solid idea of who is who, and really stay present for the journey. 

Often when I read, I don't focus too much on guessing what will happen (maybe because I'm wrong a lot), but some books are meant to keep your mind reeling with the possibilities. 

This is one of those books. 

The depth of intelligence it takes to craft stories like this always blows me away. Dickinson's writing is a perfect fit, being both refreshing in its descriptive style & respectful of the nature of the story.

I must caution Fantasy readers, this book is not heavily characterized by its use of magic or fantastical elements. Its main focus is Baru's development & the complex political relationships that exist between regions of power. 

I loved the set up of this plot, as I feel it falls into a less explored corner within the Fantasy genre. However, I wanted to mention it in my review because I believe having the wrong expectation could affect some readers' ability to appreciate the book for what it is. 

Definitely enjoyed this read & cannot wait to see what more is in store from Dickinson after how absolutely disastrous that ending was for my heart.


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