Wrong Place, Right Time (Bourbon Street Boys #2)

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5/5 stars

I’m pretty sure I found a new favorite author, and she’s nothing like my other favorite authors.

 Elle Casey is funnier than any author has a right to be.  I am so, SO glad I found her.

This story starts pretty immediately after Wrong Number, Right Guy, the first Bourbon Street Boys’ book.  Jenny, our main character, is the sister of May, the protagonist from the first book.  We were introduced to Jenny and to Dev, the love interest, in the first book.  But something I love about these books is that you could read any of them as a standalone without being lost.  However, if you decide to pick one of Casey’s books up, you’re definitely going to want to read the entire series, because you’ll be invested in the characters, and in the Bourbon Street Boys as a whole.  Now, back to Jenny and Dev.

Jenny is an over-worked, under-appreciated computer engineer and single mother of three.  Her ex-husband is a total douche who wouldn’t understand maturity or fatherhood if the two paired up and bit him on each butt cheek.  Her sister seems to be experiencing some early-onset midlife crisis, and has seemingly thrown away a great career as a wedding photographer to run surveillance for her new boyfriend’s security firm.  When said sister offers Jenny a freelance job for the company in question, Jenny decides that her sister has lost her mind.  But, since she needs the cash, she caves and heads to their warehouse/office.  Once there, she meets Dev, a seven-foot-tall muscled-up bald man completely coated in sweat, and the warehouse is suddenly seemingly under attack.  Hilarity ensues.

Dev is quite possibly the cutest giant ever.  He suffers from alopecia, a condition that leaves him unable to grow hair anywhere on his body.  The man stands out, to say the least.  But he is just about the sweetest guy in existence, real or fictional.  He’s basically a giant body-building hairless teddybear.  Turns out, he’s just exactly Jenny’s type.  Which is funny, because she didn’t even know she had a type.  

Dev is also a single father, so the two have that in common.  The kids in this book are all cute, but Sammy, Jenny’s youngest, is particularly charming.  He has a lisp, which mixed with his sassy personality makes everything that comes out of his mouth hilarious.  Both Jenny and Dev are incredible parents, and I loved the extra bond that gave them.

This was just about the sweetest, most awkward romance I’ve ever read.  Trying to get sexy with someone almost two feet taller than you would definitely be awkward in real life, and I loved that Casey thought of that and included it here.  Also, I love that there was so much laughter in the midst of intimacy.  I firmly believe that humor is one of the most important things in a relationship, and that laughter should be a part of sex.  If things get all weird, if someone gets a charlie-horse or falls off of the bed or accidentally elbows their partner in the face, there should be some giggling going on.  And there was plenty of laughter in this book.

If you’re in the market for some romance that will make you hurt yourself laughing, please please please pick up this series.  You won’t be disappointed.


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