Wrong Number, Right Guy (Bourbon Street Boys #1)

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5/5 stars

Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I read a book that actually made me laugh out loud? Me neither, but I know it’s been a looooong time.

 This is a book that never in a million years would’ve popped up on my radar without the prodding of my mom.  She found this book will prowling the Kindle Unlimited store, and called me in near tears, she was laughing so hard.  She begged me to read it.  I decided to at least read the first chapter, because I could use a laugh.  One nearly sleepless night later, I finished the book.  It was absolutely fantastic.

I’m not a big romance reader, unless the author is Nora Roberts.  She’s my comfort read, and I read her stuff anytime I feel sad or sick, and anytime she publishes something new.  Every once in a while I get in the mood for something sweet and uplifting, so I’ll read some kind of Christian romance, but just regular romance not written by Nora is not something I usually pick up.  I will now have to make an exception for Elle Casey, because this woman is seriously funny.

This was the story of an average, single, twenty-something woman.  She’s a wedding photographer who lives alone with her little half-Chihuahua, Felix.  When she gets a text from an unknown number that she assumes belongs to her sister, her life spirals out of control quickly.  May, our protagonist, makes the most of her situation and struggles to adapt and become one of the Bourbon Street Boys, an elite security company, while trying not to fall for Ozzie, her super-hot new boss.  Hilarity ensues.

I’m not the biggest fan of first-person narration, but nothing else would’ve worked here.  You need to be inside May’s head, because her thoughts are laugh-out-loud funny.  The story would’ve have been nearly as charming if not told from her perspective.  The other characters are interested and endearing, even when they’re being all prickly and hostile toward the new girl.  The rest of the series follows the other members of this crew, and you can bet your britches that I’ll be binge-reading the rest.  And I never binge read.  But I’m making an exception here.

Was there sex, you might be asking as you gaze at the cover.  You betcha, there was.  But it wasn’t slathered all through the book.  And the buildup we witness within the main character was seriously the best part.  She’s so real and relatable, and I’m pretty sure every woman fighting against their attraction to a person has shared some of her feelings.  But when the sex does occur, it’s hot.  Hilariously hot.  Seriously, even the sex scenes were filled with humor.  What’s not to love about that?

As I said, I would’ve never picked up this book on my own.  I would’ve looked at the cover and glanced right over it, looking for the next philosophical fantasy to delve into.  And I would’ve been missing out.  Every diet needs variety, and it turns out that my literary diet was severely lacking in humor.  So, thanks Mama, for expanding my literary horizons, even if that expansion is a little less than literary.  Five stars well earned, Elle Casey.  Keep ‘em coming.


Celeste was raised on a steady diet of fairy tales and Bible stories, and always chose to sleep with books instead of teddy bears. Her husband still feeds her book addiction. Southern born and bred, she’s proud of her Louisiana heritage and the spicy foods it brings with it. She’s a guitarist and lead vocalist in a Christian rock band, and hopes to write books of her own someday. Though she’ll read pretty much anything with words, her favorite genre is fantasy in all its many forms.