Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection (The Stormlight Archive #2.5)

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4/5 stars

I started this book over three months ago.

 And I really enjoyed it!  But I couldn’t bring myself to finish it for the longest time.  You see, whenever I finished Edgedancer, the last story and the only original tale in the collection, I would be completely caught up with Sanderson’s Cosmere until he publishes something else.  Being caught up with a series I love is something I can’t stand.  It makes me sad, and leaves me feeling at a loss until the next installment is released.  That’s why I hardly every finish a series, because I can’t help but put off closure for as long as I can.

But I could only hold off for so long.  This was by far one of the best short story collections I’ve ever read, and I’m not generally a short story fan.  Not every story was a five star story, but the collection was pretty solid.  Of the nine stories in the collection, one was perfect (The Emperor’s Soul), two were fantastic (Mistborn: Secret History and Edgedancer), one was cringe-worthy (I wish I could unread that Allomancer Jak story…).  The rest were pretty solidly good, though some were stronger than others.  

The Emperor’s Soul was life-changingly good.  The philosophy was incredibly deep, and was conversational fodder for my family for weeks after I made them read it so I would have someone to discuss it with.  Mistborn: Secret History was incredibly nostalgic, and reading it gave me so many feelings.  Seriously, there were tears.  Sixth of the Dusk, White Sand, and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell all introduced us to fascinating new worlds and compelling characters within the Cosmere.  But all of these stories had been published before.  The star of this collection was Edgedancer, a never-before published novelette in the Stormlight Archive.  

I wasn’t the biggest fan of Lift in Words of Radiance, but she grew on me so much in this story.  Yes, she can be obnoxious, but she’s a kid!  The sass is strong with this girl.  And her spren, Wyndle, was adorable.  There was a lot of character development here.  If you’re a fan of Stormlight Archive, regarded by most as Sanderson’s magnum opus, and you haven’t read this novelette, it’s worth buying Arcanum Unbounded for that story alone.  Plus, it’s pretty!  This is a solid collection, that deserves to be on the shelves of every fantasy fan.


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