Good Behavior (Letty Dobesh Chronicles #1-3)

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First off, thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an advance reading copy of Good Behavior. Now, before I begin my review, I have to let you know something. My review may be a tad biased as Blake Crouch is one of my favorite authors. Dark Matter, up until reading Beyond Redemption by Michael R. Fletcher, was my #1 read of 2016 and it was still really close to topping BR. Now on to Good Behavior...

When I saw that Crouch had a new show coming to TNT, I had to watch the trailer ASAP and mark the date on my calendar for episode 1. And when I found out there was a novel coming out (obviously overlooking the fact that the three stories that make it up were released as serials back in the day) I knew I had to get an early copy. Crouch just has a way with writing that will not only keep you on the edge of your seat, but craving more the deeper you get into the novel. There is the constant notion that he will run out of script by the time the ending comes but he always surprises. Basically, you have a down-on-her-luck burglar/alcoholic who ends up finding herself in the middle of a bad situation and is put on a collision course from hell, all while trying to redeem herself in order to see her son.

Good Behavior is not a great novel. Reason being: it is essentially three novellas tied together with notes from Crouch. This does not a novel make. But don't let these words push you away. The stories are great IF you read them as such. Don't go into this book thinking everything is going to be pieced together at the end. These stories are only the beginning.

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