Red Sister (Book of the Ancestor #1)

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2.5/5 stars

 This book was a huge, huge let down. I expected far better. I'm not exactly the biggest Mark Lawrence fan out there, but I've read all but two of his books. This one has proven to be the most disappointing of the lot. 

While Mark Lawrence doesn't disappoint with his unique characters, it once again comes as the expense of a lot of things. 

The magic system is not as well developed as I'd like. It's non descriptive and too vague. The story doesn't flow along smoothly, one event leading straight to another. In other words, the writing is highly unusual and unconventional. 

The world-building is not up to par. It's difficult to link happenings with the world, because the world isn't very vivid. 

While I didn't enjoy this book too much, I'd recommend it to anyone who wants something... different. 

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