Tyrant's Throne (Greatcoats #4)

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Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Here lies the end of my journey with the Falcio, Kest, and Brasti and let me tell you, it ended with great satisfaction.

If Saint’s Blood was the climax to the series, Tyrant’s Throne is the great epilogue to the series. Everything comes down to this installment. Falcio val Mond is on the brink of the fulfilling his dead king’s dream, there’s only a few more obstacle to go through before he achieved it and did he succeeded? Well you have to read it yourself to find out. 

This is the last book of the series so I won’t go into any details on the plot but I’ll let you know that this is a very satisfying conclusion to the series. All the main themes of the book are still here, the injustice, the battle to uphold laws and to end the tyranny in Tristia, every thread that began ever since the first book of the series ended here, no more loose ends and I feel a bit bittersweet about it. I feel happy that it ended satisfyingly and at the same time I feel sad that I must part with the characters of this series and in my opinion that’s the sign of a great book and series.

I’ll be honest, I never think of Falcio as lovable character, his temperament and somehow psychotic attitude sometimes bothered me but at the same time, I can’t ever dislike him because I feel if I were in his situation where he can’t ever catch a break, I’ll probably do even worse things or probably killed myself in the first book already. However, this is what made his character realistic and he’s a great choice for the main character, accompanied by his best friends Kest and Brasti, the narrative never forget to switch between tension and fun.

“Everyone shush now, I’m about to be impressive.”

Every character have fantastic developments throughout the whole series, none of them started the same than when they began in the first book and I truly love these kind of developments. However, as I stated before, among all the character, my favorite will have to be Brasti Goodbow. Seriosuly, Brasti is in my opinion one of the best side character ever in fantasy books. He’s loyal, hilarious, fun, and I always laughed at how all the amazing things he did always left unrecognized by everyone. Despite that, he didn’t care, he’ll still do it all over again, because well, he’s Brasti.

In terms of pacing and actions, this book in my opinion is the slowest paced book out of the quartet and has fewer actions in comparison. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad at all, no, this is the direction that the book must take to end all the stories that has started ever since the first book. It’s heavier with politics, dilemma, and feeling of determination but for the first time in the series, we finally get to see the Bardatti in actions other than singing and telling stories in a tavern.

“When there is a war, it’s always the common people who paid the price.”

There is only one minor con I had with the book and that is the beginning part, specifically the whole section with the Margraves. I find the first 100 pages to be a bit out of the place and cheesy but this is really a minor problem. After that part, everything is a smooth journey up to the end.

I embarked upon this journey with the Greatcoats 12 days ago and I’m delighted I did. Honestly, I never thought I was going to love this series this much if I were to judge it only from the first book. I like Traitor’s Blade but I didn’t love it, the change of direction to a darker story in Knight’s Shadow then astonished me. Saint’s Blood however came and change my perspective of the series, it was amazing and it was a significant improvement for the series. Tyrant’s Throne is the fantastic culmination of everything that began ever since the first book. Sebastien de Castell ended his first series strongly and Greatcoats won’t be the last series that I read from him.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who’s looking for a great swashbuckling adventure read.

Series review:

Traitor’s Blade: 3/5 Stars

Knight’s Shadow: 4/5 Stars

Saint’s Blood: 4.5/5 Stars

Tyrant’s Throne: 4.5/5 Stars

Greatcoats : 16/20 Stars

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