Scary Faces

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KPB is one of my favorite horror authors right now. In my eyes, he can do no wrong. If horror shorts are your thing, he is the master. Below are the 13 short horror stories that make up 'Secret Faces'. Some are a slow burn and catch you off guard. Others will slap you around from the beginning and send you home crying.


HOME – Callum Dover. Family man. But is he the one they want?

STALLED – Roger finds that his last meal isn't agreeing with him. If you're like me, the last thing you want to do is stop at a gas station at night. But when your stomach has other plans, here goes nothing!

THE END OF US – When all you want is your love to come back to you, no matter the cost.

THE RED LIGHT IS BLINKING –Internet trolls, Mountain Dew, Doritos and the inability to escape the thing that got you in this predicament to begin with. Is trolling really worth it in the end?

MOTHER/NATURE – It's like The Happening during the apocalypse, except you can't trust your significant other. DON'T YOU GO NEAR THAT TREE!

I'M NOT THERE – You can see me? You sure? Because that mirror is telling me otherwise.

MEMORY LANE – But...but. Don't you know me? I come in here all the time, I think.

TERMINAL – I can't stand the TSA either. Especially when I feel like they are staring into my soul.

FORCED ENTRY – Oh, Eloise. Is this really what it looks like to get old because...nope. No thanks.

THE QUIET – This one hits like a ton of bricks, right in the feels.


PIG – Short, creepy, perfect.

HOARDER – Have you ever seen the show? Imagine that with a creepy, bipolar elderly woman and a Pine-Sol knockoff salesman. But instead of roaches and dead cats, something undetectable lurks.


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