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The Thousand Names (The Shadow Campaigns, #1)

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Actual Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Wow I loved this!

I think the real strength in The Thousand Names is how incredibly well written it is. 

I want to start by explaining the reason I docked half a star.

There were some moments where the in-depth paragraphs of military maneuvers and battles carried on for just a touch longer than necessary. There were some moments where I wished the plot moved just a touch faster. 


These two small issues hardly detracted from my overall enjoyment. I can tell that this won't be a book for everyone, but it sure as hell is a book for me!

I really appreciated the slow unfurling of the plot, it was great to discover along with the characters exactly what kind of powers were at play here. The perspectives were individually compelling & the world building was methodical & rich. The tendrils of magic that are woven through this story are subtle & captivating.

This one is sort of difficult for me to explain why I loved it so much, but I found myself making every excuse to read it.

I even penciled in an extra gym day just so I could listen!

The Thousand Names is a glimpse into a small sliver of events that hint at a much larger, much more consequential picture & I look forward to watching it reveal itself in the next installments. 

There's something strangely & completely charming about how Django Wexler has braided together the different perspectives in this tale. 

It has magic, muskets, and mayhem, which I guess is the very essence of Flintlock Fantasy. Consider me hooked!

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