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I received Lone Wolf Anthology: A dark fantasy story collection from the publisher and am now leaving my honest review.

Like most anthologies out there, where you come across stories you like, stories that are good but could be better, stories that are just 'meh', and stories that you do not finish for one reason or another, Lone Wolf doesn't stray from the path. Most of the stories presented are good reads but there are a few that leave something to be desired. The stories here are about society's outcasts trying to make names for themselves, whether by understanding the powers they have been bestowed with or proving themselves on the battlefield. Each author has a different writing style and different approach, which makes for an interesting read. 


The Iron Keys - MINOTAUR ALERT. Great story about a mage named Farden and his folly while in the Iron Keys Regiment of Arka against a horde of Minotaurs. A story about ambitions getting the best of you and the complications that arise after, but glory is just around the corner. Loved this story. Galley is definitely an up and comer in fantasy. Heart of Stone comes out later this month!

The Beauty, The Beast and The Butcher - a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. A man is in search of his niece and asks a hunter named Grimm to help find her. Though the Beast is found and suspected as the culprit, there is another who hides in the shadows. 

Birds of a Feather - GRYPHON ALERT. A lone gryphon rider named Aleron and his gryphon Sunflash come to the rescue of a young girl, only to be captured by a tribe called Unghan-Vo. But there is another danger just a matter of days away, the Smelterborn, that will require the tribe and Aleron to work together in order to live another day. 

Cactus Rose - A man named Brody recruits the help of a female warden named Fanny, otherwise known as Cactus Rose, to help him find six horse thieves. Though she may be tough to get along with, she is good at what she does. 

The Rules of the Game - DRAGON ALERT. Rasa Belaahn is an up and coming dragon rider and, though his superiors scold him much for being dangerously willful, they know he shows much potential. But there are more pressing matters. The dragon he is given as his mount is much the same way: uncontrollable, fierce, and has killed its past 2 riders. They must travel into the North in order to bring an end to the long and strenuous war that has plagued the Kingdom of Tressor. Another great story in this anthology. Definitely one of my favs. 

The Dwarfendam Run - It's like American Ninja Warrior made by dwarves, a mechanized gauntlet that few can hope to defeat. Entrants go all out for a chance to win the King's Chalice and Bounty. Allemande, a musician by trade, takes a turn on The Run and the reason may surprise you. 

In Telling the Legend - Kuhlar, a old hermit and treasure hunter, searches ruins with his dog, Halberd, for relics to repair and sell. When he is called upon to return to a land he was banished from, a legend returns to the forefront. 

The Black - WEREWOLF ALERT. Tvan, a watchmen in the city guard of Donnerbaum, awakens to find that everyone in his town has vanished. A mysterious girl still lurks, searching for what happened to her people. Tvan travels to find shelter and work, but he doesn't travel alone. Wasn't a huge fan of this story, but that's because werewolves just aren't my thing. 

Dreamwalker - DNF. Just couldn't get into this story. You may have better luck than me. Sorry, no description. 

Wayward Knight - A soldier named Karn arrives at a small farm and is taken in by the owners, working the land to earn some wages and some warm food. A man named Parlem continues to harass the family, stating that he owns the rights to their property. But Malcolm isn't going to give up his land without a fight. 

Senthyd - Rasmin Blacksmithing, a popular blacksmith in a small village, is home to a stranger named Doiron. He knows nothing of his parents, and what he does know died with a clergyman six years prior. Who am I? Why do I look the way I do? What is this magical power I wield? But as it turns out, he is not alone. There is another just like him and he is about to reveal something thought unimaginable. 


All in all, if you like sword and sorcery, there are some stories in here from some up and comers that you'll want to keep tabs on. If short stories are your thing, definitely grab a copy and give it a try. 



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