Tower of the Forgotten

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Tower of the Forgotten is a quick, enchanting read, set just before the beginning of Hogan's Tainted Cabal series. This prequel follows Niklaus, master swordsman and cocky SOB, who is given a divine mission from his goddess, one that will test is wit and his metal (no pun intended).

Written with the skill and craft shown in his Sorcery Ascendant Sequence series, Hogan shows that he can write darn good short stories too. No world building here, but enough sword clashing, magic fumbling, and trap laying fun to entreat even the most epic fantasy read peoples out there. Hogan's best quality is fleshing out characters and that is once again evident here. 

Definitely pick this up before reading Revenant Winds (releasing in July), which will be easy as TotF is set to release in May!


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