Talon (Talon #1)

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2.5 stars

What prompted me to read this book was the cover and the name of the book (which, I might add, alone deserved 4 stars for catching attention) but the story itself was so typical and cliché filled that I was thoroughly disappointed. 

I'm a fan of dragon-shifter books but have come across few that I really liked. And, sadly, Talon does not fall into that category. It wasn’t bad per se but it didn’t make me go ‘WOW’ either. Simply put, it’s an okay book. 

 Actually no. 

 To be brutally honest, it was boring. Yawn inducing. Made me think if I should finish this or just leave it hanging.

 Everything was flat. The plot elements were of the over-used variety. For example, the ever-loving and ever-supporting brother and sister are at odds and a dragon slayer questions himself after falling for the enemy he was supposed to kill. Oh and there was a rogue dragon too who just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, to rattle the beliefs of the heroine even more. And guess what, he has a connection with her too.


Dragon books are supposed to be bright, exciting, with explosive romances and ‘wowza’ moments all tied in complete harmony within the plot. The pacing should move up and down at opportune moments to keep your heart racing like the flapping of a flying serpents’ wings. Yes, there was harmonization of plot (no loopholes, per se) but the plot itself was so peaceful in terms of action or romance or anything else. Nothing wrecked the literal harmonious pacing of the book. 

On the other hand, the fantastical and original synopsis of the book was comparatively more worthy of a higher rating than the story itself. I was utterly dismayed and more so because I’ve heard so much of Julie Kagawa’s writing and her exceptionally imaginative mind. The only thing that garnered my interest was the history of the two organizations and their inner workings. 

One might read this book to pass the time or if you're in a mood to read cliched stuff. And I don't know if I'll continue this series. I might just for the sake of finding out what happened afterwards or I might not because I ended up finding some other great, exciting and action-packed book.

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