Eye of the Storm

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**I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review**


Rating: A wobbly 3 out of 5 stars


Okay, so this book had really cool concepts...but I felt as if they weren't blended properly. Frank Cavallo had all these amazing ideas which would've worked together more perfectly if they were written separately. There were times when I was a bit confused and times when I thought that this specific thing was just added there for the sake of novelty. And honestly, there were things that disgusted a good way. I mean that he wrote about descriptions which would completely warp your thinking e.g. eternity has been said to be beautiful itself and that you'll live forever beautifully too, but Cavallo here will give you a grey eternity. It may be full of knowledge but not beauty, especially physical beauty, for yourself. Furthermore, the descriptions of the blood being taken out of Dr. Anna and that whole procedure just...gave me the heebie jeebies. It's been a long time since an author has intentionally made his reader (that is I) be creeped out. I liked that. Horror fans would like the gothic element in it too.


There were also a few minor grammatical errors here and there but they didn't really get in the way. And I must say that the past of every individual character was engrossing, especially Kerr's. Actually, I liked all the parts that had Kerr in it. Nonetheless, I felt that there was a lack of in-depth character development. It seemed as if the characters were just accepting everything as it happened to them in the alternate world. There was no element of befuddlement or a fear of the unknown. I know it's been to years but's not your world nor your people.


With that said, the book had that nostalgic comic book effect with people traveling to another world which has dinosaurs and Neanderthals running around and the protagonists are lost amidst the wilderness of the unknown trying to survive. Plus, the pacing was good too with short chapters and nothing stagnating the flow of the story. It was certainly a good, enjoyable read.

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