Crystal Storm (Falling Kingdoms #5)

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If only all books were as as good as this... 


Continuing from the previous book's cliffhanger, the reins of power in Mytica are now in the possession of the darkly seductive, power-hungry Amara of the Kraeshian Empire. Lucia has gone to seek help in the sanctuary. The King of Blood manages to survive death. The love between Magnus and Cleo undergoes a trial by fire, as their desires and choices interweave with the lives of their friends, and enemies... 

Morgan Rhodes can write. He's not just written a great story, he's painted a most brilliant picture of human behaviour. Each character is not only well developed but equally consistent. This unique blend has created a vivid world where fairytales and the real world exist side by side. 

There's similarities between the plot structures of Morgan Rhodes and Brian Staveley. Both authors organise their storylines to follow a particular layout. The story first starts out small, with only a small fraction of the total plot, then it begins to branch out and expand, each thread built on another. It's like watching the rippling surface of a body of water. 

The best thing about this series is the characters. They're just too good. They're just as greedy, emotional, hateful, loving, murderous, resourceful and intelligent as real world humans. It's a show of and an excellent portrayal of human character. 

How the author has managed to create vivid realism with mysterious, otherworldly intrigues and elements is quite beyond me. It's a perfect blend of Grimdark, and traditional fantasy. Game of Thrones and Throne of Glass meet. Martin weds Maas. It's the perfect literary combo. 

Sadly it's another cliff hanger...



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