Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire #1)

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I've read some gritty fantasy recently. I've read Monarchies of God. I've read The Black Company. And I've read The Grim Company. But none of them features as grim a gang as Jorg and Co. 


It's hard to believe a fourteen year old boy committing atrocities of such horrendous enormity. Killing without conscience, killing and killing and just killing. I mean, does this guy ever get tired of killing. And then there's the gang. I wouldn't last an hour in their company: I'd quickly get my throat slit by Red Kent, or better still, a crossbow bolt in the gut by the Nuban... 

The book is written G.R.R Martin style: dirty, violent and raw. Our protagonist is no heroic chivalrous Richard Cypher/Rahl. He's more of the father-gutting Tyrion type, with an aversion towards the bright side of life.

The story is great, without being particularly outstanding. Plot didn't take too long to ignite: something to be expected from a relatively short epic fantasy read as this. The major flaw here will be the magic. It seems confused and disorganised, not properly explained. I think the book would have done better with less magic. I also liked the part where the author uses elements of the real Medieval world such as the papacy, Jesus, Rome, Latin and even as far as Shakespeare!

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