Ruin and Rising (The Grisha #3)

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This was so emotional!

"You live in a single moment. I live in a thousand."

I don't know how to describe it. Everything was just put into place in this book. And I'm not talking about the plot only. Even the problems I had with the 2nd book were smoothed out. I have to give Bardugo points for giving the trilogy a rational end (though it was heartbreaking!!) and not one which alludes to a romanticists' notion. I understand why that end had to happen.However, that doesn't mean the romantic in me isn't crying at the injustice of it all!!

Moreover, the relationship between Mal and Alina started to make more sense. I have to say I saw more worth in Mal after he started making cogent decisions and not ones which resulted from petty jealousies and nondescript brooding.

And the supporting characters were a joy. They were pretty lovable, and, yes, it includes Zara too -- however grudgingly I had to admit that!! I doubt any reader would've gotten through the book without their comic banter.

Then there was Baghra. 

Her story was just...plain sorrowful. She wanted everything good for her son, everything she was denied in her childhood and it all turned out to be a mess. The relationship between Baghra and the Darkling (and those moments between Alina and the Darkling too) tells us that he isn't bad, he just had so much power that he couldn't help it. He got seduced by the power that was already in him. He was helpless against something he was born with.

That's pretty much what makes it a tragedy. And for me this series was more tragic than romantic. I don't know why but reading this book evoked in me the same feelings which i got while reading Shakespeare's Macbeth...Hmm. 

Plus, I find Bardugo's Six of Crows to be much better than The Grisha trilogy. It was an improvement from this one. 

All in all, I enjoyed these books and will definitely keep an eye out for any other of Bardugo's books. Her writing style is exceptional.

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