Bloodfire (Blood Destiny #1)

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Okay, so I’m writing this review after I read all the five books in the Blood Destiny series and I have to say that this series is bloody amazing!!!

 If you haven't given it a try then I think you should certainly rearrange your reading priorities and give this a shot. I know there have been many similar reviews where you are encouraged to read a book and when you do the book turns out to be a complete opposite of what you expected. But this is different.

They're well-written with an ACTUAL PLOT and not some love-at-first-sight craziness between the alpha and our darling trying-to-be-oh-so-tough damsel. It's sensible, logical and yet consistently inconsistent. All in all, it's a pleasant surprise!

The heroine, Mack, is living with a pack of shape-shifting wolves and this is a dilemma because a human living within a wolf pack is taboo and punishable by the eradication of the entire pack. However, an oath binds the pack members to keep quiet on the matter.

Now there are members who accept her and members who would like to see her leave the pack or just die. And the synopsis does mention that she can't undergo a transformation because her blood won't allow it (whereas a simple human can be transformed), so it's pretty obvious that nothing is what it seems. (And I won't talk about the plot because I believe I'll give too much of it away, but I'll say this - it's a murder mystery which entangles with the past and future of our ‘special snowflake’.) Her history is an enigma and why does the alpha of the pack keeps her around even though she is a threat to the pack has interesting answers.

Enter the top-of-the-food-chain alpha. The alpha of the Brethren. Corrigan is cunning, observant and, of course, handsome. How can he not be? Why the authors think that their books would be incomplete without good-looking people is a question that boggles my mind. I know it's their prerogative but it gets me thinking every time... However, his character is really well-developed and his actions do show that he really does deserve to be THE alpha. He's the first one to notice that Mack is different, but he just can't seem to pin point it (because he knows that no pack will endanger their lives by harbouring a human or any other creature without notifying the Brethren. Sadly, he didn't think they would be under compulsion to not to tell him)

Now, the best part, for me, is the infusion of magical elements within the book. There are fantastical creatures (mages, fey - you name it and it's there) which play an important role in the plot and although this book is not as much swamped with them, they will definitely play a huge role as the books go on. This blend of paranormal and fantasy is smoothly handled and, trust me, when I say that this series is a gem.


So if you're a fan of shape-shifters, high magic, witty repertoire and the kind of romance which goes around in the background and just makes your heart race whenever it’s mentioned (aaand does not hog the entire book leaving little to the plot) then you should definitely pick up this little bag of goody.

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