Shadow of a Dark Queen (The Serpentwar Saga #1)

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A breath of fresh air. 


I can never tire of this type of fantasy, the fantasy without multiple POVs, grey characters, and multiple subplots. 

It's always refreshing to read fantasy with over the top world building. These days, with the rise of the Grimdark subgenre, most fantasy works tend to be character driven. We're left to figure out the world on our own. 

But not with this book! The world building is top class! The world of Midkemia is vast, both in geography, and in the range of cultures. Staring at the map of Midkemia is enough to get me daydreaming about dangerous and exotic lands, unique cultures and strange peoples. It's a really sweet feeling. 

The storyline is linear, rather than broken up into multiple subplots that follow many different threads to a climax. It makes for easy and quick reading. 

The author also does a good job of building up each character, even while moving the plot along at a rather fast pace. 

It's not the most remarkable of stories. It's basic at best, as it's quite predictable. But the world building makes it more than worth it.


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