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Earth's End (Air Awakens, #3)

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Anguish. Pure anguish.

Elise Kova ruins me in every book.

 She knows just how to captivate her audience, get them immersed in a seemingly better situation and then boom! You’re knocked off your feet!



Vhalla Yarl proves herself as THE Windwalker with her intelligence, strategy planning and with the capable ways she handles difficult situations. Oh and by kicking some major arse! She grows into a soldier, with the traits of a lady, from a shy, naïve girl. The backbone she always had comes into play with such alacrity.

Her relationship with Aldrik starts blooming and the fierceness of their emotions was quite visible. Their trust runs deep. But the way they hurt each other in the end…that was just a broken heart speaking.


Poor guy! He just can’t seem to get a break from being blindsided. No matter how many precautions he takes. Falling in love, falling off a cliff and then falling into his father’s trap! He was starting to show the effects of being in a healthy, loving relationship with Vhalla when…that boom! occurs. And I was like...

Left are his fighting and magical capabilities, and I don’t think I need to mention his awe-worthy, masculine, swoon worthy performance – in the battlefield of course! *winks*

But, in all seriousness, when Vhalla and Aldrik combine their powers on the battlefield against the Northerners, it was a sight to behold!

The Emperor



He was cute. And funny. And loyal.

He was the supportive, always-there type brother, even though he didn’t show affection for his brother openly. Only reservation. And yes, the ominous reservations that I had of his character (that he might not really be on their side) was staved off too. I think Elise Kova surprised me here. She doesn’t give the reader a shock when she didn’t turn any of the friends into a turncoat. It is so common in books of such genre that one seemingly trustworthy character betrays the protagonists. I admire that. It was refreshingly nice.

The Emperor



Sweet, sweet guy but alas! He and Vhalla are not meant to be. Because if the ending of the second book can find a loophole, then the ending of this book will find one too! However, he stood by her throughout everything, even if it meant defying the Emperor.

The Emperor


Fritz (Fritznangle) and Elecia

They became Vhalla’s support system after Larel’s death – well, Elecia did because Fritznangle always was. They unburdened Vhalla no matter for how small a time. They were the shoulders she could cry on and the friends who she can always count on to stand by her side

The Emperor


Oh and did I tell you about Major Schurr (or Schrurr – don’t care honestly)

He was a bastard too!!

Now the Plot

A siege.

A spy.

A sacred city.

A powerful, magical axe.

These are the three core things that drive the plot. The Emperor is laying siege to the sacred city of the Northerners. He plans to bring them to heel because he thinks they know something about an object he has been searching for. You can guess what that object is. However, he isn’t up for an outright attack because of a certain clever scheme he has in mind (think bastard!).

He feels nothing but pure loathing for Vhalla. At first, it was because his son has shown a romantic interest in her but then it was because of all the respect and admiration she started to garner, even from the higher officials of his army – the people he dines with! Imagine! Moreover, people start calling her a Lady (because the West titled her a duchess but in the eyes of the Emperor it is a hollow title) even though he hasn’t decreed it yet.

All in all, it was a well-hatched plot with intriguing aspects, such as why Aldrik doesn’t like to talk about crystals or the axe – so much so that he gets completely drunk over it. His memories which Vhalla can access are mysterious too.


Aaaaaand now I think I’m going to read the next book after a while because after this strong-emotions-evoking read, I need a break from all the what-ifs and what-nows!!! In one word, this was...

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