Fire Falling (Air Awakens #2)

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OH THAT ENDING!! It was devastating! DEVASTATING, I tell you!!


Was it even real? 

Elise Kova knows just how to turn her readers into a bubbling mess of emotions. I went through a complete emotional upheaval while the characters went about figuring their own feelings, especially the romantic ones. 

Aldrik and Vhalla finally confess their love for each other, albeit after some misunderstandings. The fact that they didn’t give into hearsay and made their own opinions made me grateful to Kova, because if they had done so it would’ve lead to more misunderstandings and I would’ve just slammed the book shut! So thank you Mrs. Kova!

The readers are given further details on Aldrik and Vhalla’s bond, their Joining, Channelling etc. It’s a pretty cool concept. 

And Aldrik! Oh the brooding, haunted-by-past-ghosts, can’t-confess-his-feelings-for-fear-of-getting-hurt Aldrik! My new book boyfriend! The moment love proclamations are made, we see the unravelling of a side that we wouldn’t have imagined that Aldrik possessed. He laughed, beamed and teased openly!!!

Moreover, Vhalla starts owning her powers. This resulted in her saving the entire army and getting a personal ‘thank you’ from the Emperor. 

Yaaayyy right? No.

This just painted a big red bull’s eye on her back. And I think she has found herself an enemy in the Emperor – actually, she definitely has an enemy in him. The only reason she’s alive is because she’s a Windwalker and her powers are needed to win the war they are waging against the North. 

But I loved the scenes where she goes all taekwondo on other soldiers, especially on the noble Elecia! 

Now, the other characters. Prince Baldair, for one, significantly improves as a character in the latter half of the book. I’ve always thought that the warnings he gave to Vhalla about Aldrik were given because he had his own selfish motive, or maybe he’s a hidden enemy too. But such fears have been abated – for now. You never know when the author is going to surprise you...

Fitznangle (I love using his full name! Quirky no?) is still the best. He’s there to lighten up things whenever the need arises and he’s the kind of friend that’s always there. Just like Larel. She is sweet. She is tough. She is reliable. And her story broke me into pieces.

Then we have Daniel and Craig. Good side characters, although there were implications that Daniel has started to develop feelings for Vhalla. I think we all know how that’s going to end…

Oooh and did I mention Aldrik’s uncle? He’s a Lord of the West and is completely on Aldrik’s side. He did something pretty amazing and I love this guy. It was also pretty evident that trouble is brewing in the West. Trouble for the Emperor, that is. (I think that whatever the West is doing is going to ultimately unite our lovebirds, if we keep in mind that “pretty amazing” thing that Aldrik’s uncle did!)

And we've also been made aware of crystals!

Windwalkers and crystals? They’re going to end up doing something awe-worthy together in the upcoming books! I can feel it! 


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