Air Awakens (Air Awakens #1)

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Great. Simply great! Actually this was ‘Oh, so great!!!’

The world crafted by the author was a sight to behold! The whole concept was brilliant. Elise Kova gives her world a history steeped in magic, mystery and mayhem. The descriptions of this history and the references made to it were beautiful. (Those were my favourite parts so I could be biased)

The fact that one of the main settings was a library – a HUGE library – and that the heroine was a library apprentice didn't hurt either. I think it broke away from the conventional thinking that librarians are boring – nuh uh, they have the best jobs in the world! And this library apprentice has some major voodoo within her – SHE’S A WINDWALKER! THE LIKES OF WHICH HAVEN’T BEEN SEEN IN OVER A HUNDRED YEARS! IN SHORT, SHE’S GOING TO KICK SOME MAJOR ARSE! (Don't gasp! You figure this out in the very first part of the book!)

So our special snowflake has depth, a personality and she thinks with a clear head when deciding something. If she needs the time to think, she says so! I mean, for how many book-heroines can you say this? I can only count a handful! Vhalla was like a breath of fresh air after a routine of scatter-brained damsels! I love the way she stands up for herself. I love that she is bold. I love that she knows where she stands. And I love the fact that she cuts right to the chase! 

Crown Prince Aldrik, however, was a completely different story. He was an utter prat!! (That’s the politest word I can use, though it does not adequately describe my feelings) I wanted to slap him silly with the stunt he pulled at the castle roof. And boy can he remain indifferent to the things around him!! Hence, I was like ‘Take that!’ when Vhalla walks in clad in a black gown and his jaw drops, eyes widen and he is rattled!! I was over the moon!

But in the last quarter I was given whiplashes! The good kind though! Our dear Crown Prince does pull through at the end – he confesses, runs after her towards danger, tries to help her, is actually sympathetic, does everything he can to save her from the Senate (AKA the bloody wolves) and reassures her. 

Now, lastly, what kind of a fantasy would it be if there isn’t going to be a single heart-breaking moment?! That’s right – someone dies! Chew on that! (Boy am I evil!)

*speeds away*

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