The King's Blood (The Dagger and the Coin #2)

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Now, that was some story. I really wasn't prepared for all that thrill. I'm glad I decided to proceed to book 2.


Daniel Abraham has written a fine tale here, worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Mark Lawrence and G.R.R Martin. I've learnt a lot reading this book. It invoked a lot of emotions in me: pity, sadness, happiness, humour and extreme anger. At some points, I even forgot it was all just fiction. 

The characters are greatly improved, although I'm not so happy at the author's treatment of Marcus Wester. Despite having a POV to himself, his significance to the plotline is minor. He seems such a promising character. I just think he's been underused. He should be in the thick of things. 

I still don't like Cithrin. She's just too bitchy for my liking. 

It's a strange story. Very unpredictable. The plot is regularly taking the most improbable of turns. The author reveals humanity in all its gory glory in this tale of great betrayal. It touches on the flaws of each character, their vanity, fears, weaknesses and ambition. 

I'm only two books into this series, and there's 5 instalments. I'll read on. But I'm not so sure this one will have a happy ending.


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