Interview with SPFBO Author Assaph Mehr

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Welcome to! Can you tell us a few things about yourself?

Shh! Be quiet! I'm hunting the leprechauns that sell more hours in the day! (Seriously, that's the only way I'll get over my TBR pile).

Editor’s Note: Oh! Sorry. *whispers* It’s nice to see someone else hunting leprechauns ‘round these parts.

What book did you enter SPFBO with, and is it your debut?

In Numina - the second Story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic. Not my debut (that was Murder In Absentia), but a different fantasy-detective case for Felix. This one tells of haunted houses and court houses. The books are for lovers of Dark Urban Fantasy, Detectives, and Ancient Rome (because mashing isn't just for potatoes).

Tell us a few things about it. What should the Judge you'll be allocated to, expect from it?

A twisting case that starts with haunted apartment blocks (because houses are so small minded). There are talks of the old gods coming alive to curse the buildings, and Felix must separate fact from fancy. In twists that keep Felix on his toes and the readers on the edge of their seat, we cross the bound of laws of men and gods, of magic and forbidden knowledge to face dastardly villains and ancient horrors.

<p class=" />You'll compete against 299 other books. Do you believe your book will stand out against the competition, and if yes, why?

Yep! Not only do I find the combination rather unique (an historical fantasy that blends a different cultural background with the best elements of paranormal detectives), the 4.6 average on Amazon & Goodreads is a good indication that others find it so too.

Editor’s Note: If Zack picked it as his semi-finalist, I’d say the average checks out and more to boot!


There's a shallow grave at the back yard. If you care to step this way and look over there...

Editor’s Note: I had a dream it would end this way.

Why did you decide to enter SPFBO in the first place?

So far, I've loved every previous SPFBO book winner I've read. I figured I should not be shy, and let my novels stand in the same august company.

Are you working on a book right now? What should we expect from you next?

In Victrix, the third Story of Togas, Daggers, and Magic. This one is a tale of gladiators, secret societies, and womanly mysteries. (No bets on which Felix finds the most perplexing). After that comes a super secret fantasy project...

Anything else you would like to add? A message to the other contestants, the Judges, or Mark Lawrence himself?

Rock on! Fantasy rules, and every one who reads and participates in SPFBO (or indie fantasy in general) is pure awesome sauce.

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European?

Editor’s Note: You guys! You don’t know how much it hurts to reread the same Monty Python reference about ninety times out of a hundred! Anyway, it’s no wonder In Numina got to be a semi-finalist, judging from the quality of these here responses – thanks for filling out the survey, Assaph!

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