Enemy of God (The Warlord Chronicles #2) by Bernard Cornwell

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Enemy of God was an immersive journey that transported me into the Dark Ages to experience this incredible Arthurian tale.

"So many dead. Their footsteps will not stir a rush on the floor nor frighten the mice that live in the monastery's thatched roof."

Enemy of God is the second book of The Warlord Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. It continues the unique historical perspective about the origins of Arthur and his band of loyal warriors.

Enemy of God reached the lofty heights of its predecessor and continued to grow past it. This wonderful, thrilling, heart-wrenching, tense novel contains all of the brilliant aspects of the first in the series. It continued to captivate me with the brilliant characters and plot and action and unique take on the Arthurian tales.

"For this is his tale, the tale of our dear warlord, our law-giver, our Arthur."

Enemy of God is from the perspective of Derfel Cadarn, as was The Winter King. He reminisces on his experiences of Arthur, whom he accompanied through his struggles and shared the failures and successes of. Derfel has cemented his position as one of my favourite characters of all time with his loyalty, daring, determination and kindness.

Cornwell continues to write with that magical prose of his that guides my eyes from page to page as I accompany the characters the characters through their adventures. Each scene is so vivid and fluid, and there was not one dull moment. Rather, each page was consumed with an interesting event, description or character.

"Fate is inexorable."

The plot continues to develop brilliantly and had me laughing out loud once again. I deeply despise certain characters and cherish others, just what I want from any book that I read. This novel was filled with unexpected twists, extremely satisfying moments and times of despair. I was weeping at one point of the book, I am sure any former reader of the series will remember what scene I am referring to, and think of it with sorrow.

The gritty realistic world is developed as before, with Cornwell's historical knowledge leaking into every page with intricate details that add a much sought after depth, and create a vivid experiance.

"It's only when you're lost and frightened and in the dark that you call on the Gods, and they like us to call on them. It makes them feel powerful, and that's why they like us to live in chaos."

I strongly advise any lovers of historical fiction, or the stories of Arthur to read this. You will not be disappointed!

5/5 stars

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